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Torta alle pere e cioccolato senza zucchero

La scorsa settimana ho voluto fare una torta per i miei figli, ero stufo delle solite ricette e mi sono messo a navigare su internet.

La ricetta che consiglio è ottima sia perché è squisita, sia perché mi si è aperto un mondo: in studio regolarmente tartasso i miei pazienti per incrementare l’uso dello spazzolino, ma essendo un gran golosone non insisto sul ridurre il consumo di dolci. Invece con questa torta ho scoperto che un dolce goloso può anche essere utile a risparmiare sul dentista.

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Hints for models

  • Stay away from modeling schools, for the most part – they want your money above all else, and tend to turn out "models" who seem to think the runway is everything.
  •  Enroll in a several month long series of dance classes, including ballet, jazz and modern.  If they want great posture, great body line and form, and a lot of self-confidence about themselves and how they look to the world, there is nothing like dance classes.
  •  Get  in front of a camera weilded by someone who really know what they were doing, especially with light and shadow – never mind the "Uncle Ed" snapshot school of photography. 
  •  Avoid paying a lot of money for a "portfolio" before they knew whether the camera actually liked them.  I have seen entirely too many expensive portfolios of young men and women that do nothing for them.
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